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Sasan Gir:  
City Sightseeing Details :
Introduction :
Sasangir is located in the paisley-shaped Kathiwad peninsula of Gujarat. Lying on the south-western fringes of the Saurashtra peninsula (west-central India), Sasangir or the Gir National Park is the natural habitat of some 300 Asiatic lions. A visit to Sasangir naturally means a visit to the lion sanctuary. The Sasangir National Park was created in 1913 and was given a sanctuary status in 1965. Easily accessible from the nearby major towns and cities, the terrain here is rugged with steep rocky hillsides and a few springs. Sasangir is also the natural habitat of a number of rare species of plants and animals that attract a large number of tourists every year.
Jungle Visit :
Sasangir is the natural habitat of a number of rare plants and animals. The entire area is characterised by teak trees and a mixture of deciduous trees including sal (Shorea), dhak (Butea frondosa), jamun (Syzigium cumini), acacia, banyan and thorn forests. It is a hilly tract with many rivers and beautiful long drives. Apart from the exotic variety of flora, Sasangir also houses some of the unique
and rare species of animals. Besides the Asiatic lion, there are leopards, sambar, chital (spotted deer), nilgai (antelope), chowsingha (four-horned antelope), chinkara (gazelle), wild boar, langur, jackal and hyena along with numerous birds like paradise flycatcher, Bonneli\’s eagle, crested serpent eagle, woodpeckers, back headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingos and grey partridges.
The entire area of Sasangir is flanked with three unique reservoirs, one of which is the Nalsarovar Lake. A large number of water birds and other migratory birds come to the lake every year. This makes Nalsarovar lake a birdwatchers\’ paradise. Nalsarovar is also the excellent spot to photograph the birds in their natural habitat. A visit
to the lake will be a treat to your eyes as you can get to see flocks of birds like the paradise flycatcher, back-headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, various species of eagles, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingo, partridge, parrot, and peacock. You can also visit the small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna near the Tulsi Shyam springs.
Excursions From Sasan Gir:
Ahmedpur Mandvi:
Located at a distance of 70 kilometres from Sasangir, Ahmedpur Mandvi is one of the finest beaches in India. Apart from the beach, it also provides you with some of the splendid views of the fishing villages, forts and churches some of which are in the nearby Diu island. Moreover, you can also indulge in some long walks on the beach or go for swimming, para sailing, water skiing, surfing, and speedboat trips.
Located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Sasangir, Chorwad is a wonderful beach destination to visit during your excursion trip from Sasangir. It is an ideal base point for visiting the nearby destinations like the Porbandar, (the birthplace of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi) and Somnath (the well-known Hindu pilgrimage site). Chorwad is also an ideal day or weekend destination with its wonderful beach resort developed by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. In this small fishing village you get to see the fine views of rocky shores and can also go for boat rides.
Located at a distance of 64 kilometres from Sasangir, Junagadh is the district to which the famous Sasangir lion sanctuary belongs. Junagadh is regarded as an important heritage site and is a must include in your excursion itinerary. The Uperkot Fort, Jami Masjid, Mahabat Maqbara, Durbar Hall Museum, and temples of Girnar Hills are some of the places to visit in Junagadh. Easily accessible from the nearby towns and cities, Junagadh is a convenient base to reach the nearby Somnath, a popular place for Hindu pilgrims.
Easily accessible from Sasangir and Junagadh town, is the holy Hindu destination of Somnath. Located at distance of about 46 kilometres from Sasangir, a good number of tourists as well as religious visitors come to this famous Hindu shrine and seat of one of the Jyotirlingas. Somnath used to be one of the richest shrines in the country which was the reason of several Muslims raids on this shrine during the 10th and 11th century AD.

City Sightseeing & Details

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